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Thank you for your interest in Conrad Weiser Youth Lacrosse! The history of this sport dates back before recorded time by indigenous peoples we now know in our geographical region as Native Americans. Lacrosse is the first documented sport to be played in America and has become the fastest growing game in the United States.

Our program at Conrad Weiser is considered relatively new; Spanning over the last 15 years and counting. It is our intention to elevate the experience of our enthusiastic players and provide more exposure and opportunities to the sport and our youth.

CWYL currently registers almost 90-100 players per season and have proudly coached a number of students who have moved on to play lacrosse at the collegiate level. Our biggest accomplishment in recent years was having our high school teams inducted as a fully funded, official school sport. Elementary and middle school students remain with CWYL and we, as a program, continue to dedicate our volunteer time to prepare our young players for the next level. We believe in hard work, sportsmanship, and teamwork. We aim to inspire our players to be leaders and show respect to all people on and off the field. Lacrosse has instilled confidence and self esteem in so many of our players, and we are grateful to facilitate this program.

Thank you for being part of our story and our commitment to our players.

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